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What Is A Wedding?

Wedding is a special occassion which consolidates the union of two people. Wedding bonds the sacred and pure relationship between two persons who wish to spend the rest of their lives together. Like any ceremony, a wedding is also marked by special traditions and customs which significantly vary among different religions, countries and social groups. But whatever the ways in which these different entities use, the most important and general purpose of the wedding is sorely to "unite two loving persons in marriage".

Wedding Is A Big Magical Festive Time

Wedding as we said above, varies among different environments. Marriage entails a lot of wonderful things as listed below:

Wedding Words Renders The Occassion Prettier

On the occassion of marriage or wedding, people like to prepare, write, read or send special wedding words, words of congratulations, words of poetry, funny wedding words..etc. So this website concentrates on all those special Words For Wedding. We also provide you with some wedding songs video with their free download, so enjoy!